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Re: How many keywords can I use?
From Inachu on 20 Nov '01
replying to How many keywords can I use? posted by Heerko Groefsema

You can use as many as you want. But to give your site focus you
should base your keywords from the main body that has real
content and info for your web viewing audience. If it a bit
different then you can still have keywords that are highly
focused but use ony maximum of 5. Use the most important one
first then least last.

Also use the keywords in your description as well but use them
ina real sentence and not just like:


Adding the above keywords literally as above to a description
will knock you off or lower your SE rankings. USE REAL


>I may have overlooked it on the site... but I couldn't find how
>many Meta-keywords I can/ may use. Is it restricted to a certain
>number or can I use as many as I would like to?
>Heerko Groefsema @ The Netherlands

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