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Re: How to be searchable
From jwj on 20 Nov '01
replying to How to be searchable posted by Joe Arcaro

>I have a website I would like to be searchable. In other words,
>when someone types 'home inspection chattanooga' on Yahoo for
>example, my site pops up. How do you do this?

You're off to a good start by your thinking of how your potential
clients will phrase their searches. Two meta tags need to be in
place, the keyword meta tag and the description meta tag. Read
up on these as Dale suggests. Try and work it out so that your
most important words are in the description tag, the keyword tag,
and the text that viewers will see on the page (some of them
should be in the title tag too. Might help, as well, to squeeze
in the whole word "tennessee" and the abbreviation, "TN" where
you can in these tags and text. Same goes for "NSHI", at least
in the text. Your small print at the bottom should maybe include
"NSHI Certified".

When you've gotten your site ready, you have to go through the
submission process of the best search engines. They usually have
a link called "add url" or "submit your site".

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