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Re: Searching URL with a hyphen
From T J Daniels at ''POETRY'' by: T. J. Daniels on 24 Nov '01
replying to Searching URL with a hyphen posted by Walter Loughney

>How are hyphenated URL's handled by search engines?
>For example, is this seen as dogfood (1 word),
>or "dog food" (2 words in a phrase) or dog food (2 words possibly
>unrelated) ?
>Any comments or experiences werlcome.

Walter, I have a hyphenated domain. From what I've read, to the
SE's, the hyphen is just another space. Which means that dog-food
is seen as two words. Some poeple use the underscore ( _ ) to
separate words. One negative using the underscore, it gets lost
in a hypertext link. TJ

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