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Request From Nepal
From amit at Ads 4 Nepal on 29 Nov '01
we have launched a new web site for Nepal which provides many "first time "
featrues for the Nepalese market , however the site can also be
very useful for international market as well.

Please note that the site is not fully complete yet and we are
adding a few important features , which will again be "firsts"
for Nepal .

We have not started the promotion process yet and have not
submitted to any search engines etc , however somehow the site
shows as many as 40 results in google when searched with the term
"ads4nepal" , but on the other it does not appear anywhere when
searched with terms like "Nepal" etc , though we have included
these in our key wrods and description, should this be a worrying
factor ?

the URL is and I will be very grateful
to all who can help me with their advicc

thanking you

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