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Re: Fake HTML
From Baz on 12 Feb '99
replying to Re: Fake HTML posted by Jim

>>I just received an (unsolicited) e-mail
>Stop right there! Spam doesn't even warrant reading, let alone
>>But I am skeptical of this
>You're right to be, it's total bull of course, but what else would you
>expect from a spammer?

Sorry to disappoint Jim, but it can be done (in theory anyway). I use ASP to detect what the User agent of the site before outputing any HTML. I'm using it to deliver slightly different HTML to netscape browsers than to IE browsers (basically IE can handle H1 tags which are displayed normal size using cascading style sheets and Netscape can't - so if a netscape browser accesses the page then it gets sent h4 tags, and anything else - including spiders - will get the h1 tags)

So with some work (read a lot of work) you could alter the HTML that you send to spiders, but I think the extra work will not be worth the effort.

>Cash or check only, was it?

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