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Re: How many keywords can I use?
From Ken Olson on 29 Nov '01
replying to How many keywords can I use? posted by Heerko Groefsema

>I may have overlooked it on the site... but I couldn't find how
>many Meta-keywords I can/ may use. Is it restricted to a certain
>number or can I use as many as I would like to?
>Heerko Groefsema @ The Netherlands


1) Deep search engines such as Alta Vista and Infoseek allow up
to 200 keywords.

2) Don't repeat the same keyword more the 7 times, and 3 is

3) Don't list your repeated keywords next to each other.

4) When you've completed your keywords list, add the letter 's'
to the end of every word (or add the plural of the word to the
list in the case of words like cactus/cacti). Many people search
for 'games' or 'hotels' and if your keywords are in the singular
your page won't be listed and your efforts will have been wasted,
whereas your page will be listed in a search for the singular. A
search for 'hotel' will find your keyword 'hotels' for example.

5) These days there are so many pages on the Web that users
usually search for 'strings' of at least two or three related
words at once, for example "california carpet fitters". Now, if
you have all three words on your list separately, you'll be
listed below somebody else's page if they've targeted all three
words together, in a Keyword Phrase.

In the above example you would treat "california carpet fitters"
as one word which just happens to have space characters in it.

6) Always keep the entire meta tag on a single line.

7) Use lowercase, separated by commas with no space between each
meta keyword or keyword phrase.

8) Each page in your web will have different target keywords that
reflect the pages content.

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