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Re: Request From Nepal
From DAle on 30 Nov '01
replying to Re: Request From Nepal posted by amit

>Tanks for the input Dale, can you tell me which is an efficient
>HTML validator ?
>Also as youmay have seen on our page there are many ASP
>Genereated links dp these count as text or not ?
>thanks again

You can copy your script and go to this link, select enter
directly, erase whats in the box and paste in your script and
Validate it, it will show you the errors and how to fix them.

You could add them in your Meta-Tags(ASP), I think the max is
around 250 words, you can also add this in your script,


This will help index you and follow the links

Thier is a Tag for Robots to 'revisit' your site, but Ive been
told the spiders come back when they want to anyways.

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