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Re: web site submission/ Doorway pages
From Dale on 4 Dec '01
replying to web site submission/ Doorway pages posted by jeannie

If you are meaning Doorways - like a Splash or Flash intro, they
are not as good as loading up to your main page, when your site
is indexed, your Meta-Tags are looked at and as well if the
Keywords you use are found on that page. The more the better. I
have the same Tags on all my pages and add in the additional
Keywords that are on the page itself, like if its my links page I
would add in google, AllTheWeb, yahoo, hotbot etc.

Thats also what I use to seperate the keywords the ,

>Hi. I would like to know if I need to put my meta tags on every
>page of my web site? If so, should each page have different tags
>that pertain to the copy on that page?
>Also, Should I use spaces between my words?
>Lastly, Does anyone know if doorway pages are effective, and if
>so, how they work. I do not really know about them, but have
>heard people talking about them. Thanks!

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