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Re: web site submission/ Doorway pages
From Bob Williams at Portfolio on 6 Dec '01
replying to Re: web site submission/ Doorway pages posted by Dale

>If you are meaning Doorways - like a Splash or Flash intro, they
>are not as good as loading up to your main page, when your site
>is indexed, your Meta-Tags are looked at and as well if the
>Keywords you use are found on that page. The more the better. I
>have the same Tags on all my pages and add in the additional
>Keywords that are on the page itself, like if its my links page I
>would add in google, AllTheWeb, yahoo, hotbot etc.
>Thats also what I use to seperate the keywords the ,
>>Hi. I would like to know if I need to put my meta tags on every
>>page of my web site? If so, should each page have different tags
>>that pertain to the copy on that page?
>>Also, Should I use spaces between my words?
>>Lastly, Does anyone know if doorway pages are effective, and if
>>so, how they work. I do not really know about them, but have
>>heard people talking about them. Thanks!

Answers, in order:

1. Meta Tags on all pages - On all. Even if you're not sure that
the page(s) in question are really relevant or 'marketing' worthy
pages. These include pages like 'Contact Us', etc. You'd be
surprised at the number of listings that pop up for Contact Us

2. Tailor the meta descriptions and keywords to the page.
3. Only list keywords / keyphrases if they actually appear in the

4. Spaces instead of commas. It works
5. 'Doorway' or 'Feeder' pages, individually submitted, used to
be 'all the rage.' Emphasis is on 'used to be.' The concept was
simple... take a set of developed web pages, make multiple
'carbon copies', adjust the text content to heavily maximize the
search engine relevance for specific phrases, make all of the
links point inbound to your main site, and submit them
individually. Voila... much bang for your buck.

To see an example of this technique, which many of us used to
employ, go to lutherswelding_com (no URL submitted, figure it
out) and look at the bottom of the index page at the set of page
links, noticing that they are basically identical with keyphrases

The technique is now 'old hat.' Many Search Engines consider it
a form of trying to cheat or 'spamming' the engines and will not
rank the doorway pages very highly.

You are much better off to build out as many pages of quality
optimized content as possible and keep it fresh.

Hope this helped. Regards.

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