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Improve Search Engine Rankings
From Max Hernandez at How Ya Hangin? Don't fall out of your boxers! on 7 Dec '01
I need to improve my site ranking in search engines (I guess like
everyone else). I did a pay submission to YAHOO about 6 months
ago and I was #1 in YAHOO for about a week. Now I really far down
on YAHOO. My stats indicate the only traffic I am really getting
are from YAHOO, though I have submitted using various methods to
other search engines. I am ready to entertain other methods. Is
the Looksmart paid submission a good idea? Should I use a product
like WebPosition Gold? Should I use a paid service (it seems like
there are too many to choose from)? Should I employ gateway and
or doorway pages?

The major key words I want to use is boxer shorts and boxers.


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