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Re: Improve Search Engine Rankings
From Hope on 10 Dec '01
replying to Improve Search Engine Rankings posted by Max Hernandez

The first problem you have is there is no content for the spiders
to read. Without good solid text, you will never show up in
search engines without cloaking.

The second problem is your meta tags are stuffed. You do not
need so much in them. They do not help you much anymore, but
they can still hurt you in some search engines.

I would not recomend doorway pages. They will hurt you in the
search engines. Looksmart is always a good bet if you have the
money. I don't recomend any software. I think they are all a
waste of time and money (personal opinion).

I would suggest that you take the time and put actual text on the
pages. Tell people (and spiders) what you are selling. This
will help you more than anything. Once you have done this, then
HAND submit to the different search engines.

I hope this helps.

>I need to improve my site ranking in search engines (I guess like
>everyone else). I did a pay submission to YAHOO about 6 months
>ago and I was #1 in YAHOO for about a week. Now I really far down
>on YAHOO. My stats indicate the only traffic I am really getting
>are from YAHOO, though I have submitted using various methods to
>other search engines. I am ready to entertain other methods. Is
>the Looksmart paid submission a good idea? Should I use a product
>like WebPosition Gold? Should I use a paid service (it seems like
>there are too many to choose from)? Should I employ gateway and
>or doorway pages?
>The major key words I want to use is boxer shorts and boxers.

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