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Why do you care about engine placement
From wes at Internet marketing warriors on 13 Feb '99
Every one in this forum cares too much about search engine placement

I used to care about search engine placement, but not any more.

Why should I waste my time testing and retesting, when there are so many sites out there trying for the same 20 slots/keywords that I might want?

I want to spend my time making money and growing my business.

Let me ask you this:

Does your site sell a product or service?

Do you know what your conversion rate is? (How many visitors to make one sale)

How much of your profit are you willing to give up to make one sale?

Divide that amount by how many people must visit your site for one sale, and you have how much you are willing to pay people to send someone to your site.

Now go to click trade, penny web, or any other pay per click type of place, and set up a program for your site.

Now you will have the input of traffic from a whole mess of other people's sites. Sure it costs money, but if you have a site that makes money, you should not have any problem paying for traffic.

Most people are so obsessed with search engine placement, that they miss the big picture. To run a successful website, you need to do the following:

1. Get as many people to your site as possible.

2. Sell a certain percentage of your visitors a product or service.

3. Make sure that your gross income is substantially higher than your expenses.

If you think your business cannot survive without free advertisement (and that is what search engine placement is), then you need to work on your products/service/sales presentation/website design/etc...

I would rather have 2500 sites flooding my site with traffic and have lousey search engine placement, then have all my hopes and income riding on a good placement in a few search engines.

If the search engine changes the rules, or my competition starts spamming the search engines with MY URL, my business will not suffer because I have my eggs in so many baskets. Good advice for anyone who wants to have a web based business, and not just a hobby that makes a few bucks.

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