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hidden keywords
From jack jonker at na on 26 Dec '01
Greetings every one;Merry Xmas and Prosperous New Year;

As a would be enterpreneur I am looking for the keywords and meta
tags that will give a high placing in the search engines.

Looking under fundraisng with the GoTo com search Box I found
over a million sites advertising "Fundraising".

The highest price paid for first place was $ 2.86.
It would seem that anyone paying this kind of money for first
place must be making money,so consequently must have a superior
collection of keywords and meta tags.

Looking at the source code of this and the following 5 websites,
I found that all of them have both the keywords and the meta tags

What program can I use to find the keywords and meta tags for
these sites?

If there are no programs to extract these keywords and meta tags,
how do I find them?

How do I hide my own keywords and meta tags? Looking forward to
some informed ideas, I remain Yours Truly ;Jack Jonker

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