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Re: hidden keywords
From Hope on 27 Dec '01
replying to hidden keywords posted by jack jonker

Just because a site is listed in #1 on Goto/Overture, doesn't
mean that they site will do well in any other search engine or
directory. They have paid for this spot. It doesn't mean they
know a thing about SEO or search engines. It means they have

If you are looking for information on optimizing your site for
the search engines, let us know you URL and there are many who
would be willing to give you some advice.

>Greetings every one;Merry Xmas and Prosperous New Year;
>As a would be enterpreneur I am looking for the keywords and meta
>tags that will give a high placing in the search engines.
>Looking under fundraisng with the GoTo com search Box I found
>over a million sites advertising "Fundraising".
>The highest price paid for first place was $ 2.86.
>It would seem that anyone paying this kind of money for first
>place must be making money,so consequently must have a superior
>collection of keywords and meta tags.
>Looking at the source code of this and the following 5 websites,
>I found that all of them have both the keywords and the meta tags
>What program can I use to find the keywords and meta tags for
>these sites?
>If there are no programs to extract these keywords and meta tags,
>how do I find them?
>How do I hide my own keywords and meta tags? Looking forward to
>some informed ideas, I remain Yours Truly ;Jack Jonker

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