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Re: Novice webmaster using Mac needs advice
From Dale on 13 Jan '02
replying to Novice webmaster using Mac needs advice posted by Suzanne

It will take some time to get listed and some S-engines only
update once a month, like Google. Having a quick look over your
code, this should be at the top line, reflecting the current
version of HTML, all in CAPS.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">

You can also have a pile of more Keywords in your tags but you
have to remember that using the same word over 2 times most SE
spiders look at this as "Keyboard Stuffing" also know as spam.
The more keywords that are in your tags and that are on the same
page is a big help. You have also not used the ALT= thoughout
your code, I would add those in. Other then that is an excellent
site and you do excellent work. Good Luck with your site.

>Dear Deadlock,
>I've registered with various search engine listing companies
>before and have YET to ever see my website appear on any search
>for my primary key words. I hope to learn more about doing this
>submitting myself but I am only just learning about webmaster
>processes, etc. I work on a Macintosh and use Dreamweaver
>(barely), so I'm not familiar with HTML coding either. Now I have
>a 2nd business with a new URL and want to learn the best way to
>list BOTH for more prominent placement, or at least APPEARING AT
>ALL, on searches. Thank you for any helpful advice you might have
>for me. (Note: I can not run the .exe demo file I downloaded from
>your site since I am Mac-based.)

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