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Re: Novice webmaster using Mac needs advice
From Marc at Cape Coral Web Designer on 15 Jan '02
replying to Re: Novice webmaster using Mac needs advice posted by Kevin McGrath

>>Dear Deadlock,
>>I've registered with various search engine listing companies
>>before and have YET to ever see my website appear on any search
>>for my primary key words. I hope to learn more about doing this
>>submitting myself but I am only just learning about webmaster
>>processes, etc. I work on a Macintosh and use Dreamweaver
>>(barely), so I'm not familiar with HTML coding either. Now I have
>>a 2nd business with a new URL and want to learn the best way to
>>list BOTH for more prominent placement, or at least APPEARING AT
>>ALL, on searches. Thank you for any helpful advice you might have
>>for me. (Note: I can not run the .exe demo file I downloaded from
>>your site since I am Mac-based.)
>Since your subject areas are very broad and there's a lot of
>sites already out there your main search engine traffic will come
>mainly from paid placement like Goto and link trades. Search for
>sites like yours and offer a swap.
>You may also want to list on ebay, offer a commission to
>Webmasters to display your work... be creative and have fun with
>it. Also I would try to contact important people's underlings and
>show them your work.
>Good luck with your site!

Hi Suzanne
I am Webmaster and we can trade links, if you like.Please, let me
know. Thanks


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