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Re: Novice webmaster using Mac needs advice
From Inachu on 15 Jan '02
replying to Novice webmaster using Mac needs advice posted by Suzanne

Sometimes it does take time to get a site up but as you edit the
main body message(if any) keep it like that for 3-4 weeks and
visit the search engine of choice and see if theres any changes
to rankings.

YOu could do better or worse doing this but this is also how th
ebig guys do it and they do it sooo often that they can pretty
much tell you the personality of the search engine and learn how
to cozy up to it.

It takes time but look back 1-2 years on one of my postings and
by todays standards you will se my attempts were really fool
hearty at best maxingout my meta tags and such..... not

It truly is a fun learning experience and once you got the knack
you can charge big bucks!

>Dear Deadlock,
>I've registered with various search engine listing companies
>before and have YET to ever see my website appear on any search
>for my primary key words. I hope to learn more about doing this
>submitting myself but I am only just learning about webmaster
>processes, etc. I work on a Macintosh and use Dreamweaver
>(barely), so I'm not familiar with HTML coding either. Now I have
>a 2nd business with a new URL and want to learn the best way to
>list BOTH for more prominent placement, or at least APPEARING AT
>ALL, on searches. Thank you for any helpful advice you might have
>for me. (Note: I can not run the .exe demo file I downloaded from
>your site since I am Mac-based.)

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