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Propagation Timelines
From Joe Sorge at SVC Nightclub and Bar Services, Inc. on 14 Feb '99
I have been following the board for a few days now, and feel it's time to pose a question of my own. I redesigned my site in late December and was prepared for seach engine submissions on or about the 15th of January. Having done so, I now have some outstanding results with the help of several site promotional tools, including deadlock. My question is in regard to the extended indexing times for Excite/Netfind and Hotbot. I've had quite a bit of success with AltaVista, figuring out infoseek, MSN, and others, but the aforementioned engines are really giving me a headache. Are Excite/Netfind and Hotbot experiencing significant delays as of late, or have I not given those engines enough time? I have noticed their spiders visiting my site, but still no results.
Lastly, I do have a tip that has seemed to assist in getting listed with the GO (infoseek) network. Since they are currently only accepting URL submissions via email, I went and signed on for a new 'go' email account, it being free and all, and then submitted my urls from that email account. My site was indexed in the top 10 for 4 strategic keywords within 48 hrs. This may not be a newsflash, but I wanted to share it.
Anyway, thank you all in advance for your input and please feel free to critique the site if you feel it to be appropriate.

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