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Re: Engines Dropped Me
From Roger on 8 Feb '02
replying to Re: Engines Dropped Me posted by Dale

Hi Dale,
We had been listed number one and two under our most important
term on AOL. Our dmoz listings were shown as the links on AOL -
we are listed twice in dmoz. AOL, overture, and some others just
dropped us all at once. I think our Inktomi may have expired when
this happened. The bill was sent to an old email and we were no
longer there. Do you think Inktomi could have that kind of
impact. We just started paying for the terms we previously ranked
so well on. I don't mind paying for bids. It seems to add some
weight to the listings. It's just strange that we were entirely
dumped. We use no gateways, doorways or anything like that. No
keywords mentioned more than twice in the heading and very
carefully. No trickery. We hadn't changed anything. Any thoughts?

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