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Re: First page keywords
From Bob Williams at Online Portfolio on 15 Feb '02
replying to Re: First page keywords posted by DAle

>>You mention that it is important to have keywords on the first
>>page. Is a splash page considered to be the first page, or is it
>>the first page that comes up when you click "enter"?
>>Bob Maestro
>>PS: The guidance on you web site has been invaluable to me. It
>>allowed me to make improvements that my Web Master was not aware
>Yes the splash is considered the first page, I think thats why I
>question people on why they have them and not load right into
>their site...unless you have great tags that can also be found on
>your splash page I would try and do without.

(Sorry, long post)

To add to this, most business owners initially want the splash
page because they want the 'impact' of the multimedia in their
company presence. In so doing, what they (and all too many web
design houses) do not realize is that usually none of the Flash
splash page can be read by the search engines. Which usually
kills them in the Search Engine rankings. Why? Two reasons.
(First Reason) It is crucial to have relevant content (and as
many links to the rest of your content as you can) right on the
first (index) page. The first page of your site 'sets the stage'
for how highly YOU value the content you are trying to get the
search engines to recognize. With splash pages, there usually is
no content, very little (it is a multimedia thing, after all) or
(Second Reason) it cannot be read by the search engines, because
it is Flash content. Flash, which is used to generate virtually
all of those fancy multimedia entry pages that you see, is a
'vector' based file, kinda like a draftsmans' AutoCad drawing
file, made up entirely of vector lines, curves and segments to
draw the pictures 'on the fly,' which is why they load so fast.
The problem is, since it is all discrete descriptions of lines,
curves and segments (including the text that you see in them);
there is no actual text content for the search engines to read,
catalog and evaluate for relevancy vs. your competitors. So, none
of the search engines read them. Which results in their
evaluation of the search term relevance of the very first page
that they see of your site is a big Zero. Not the best approach.

Alternative 1: Go ahead and build the multimedia piece if you
want that, but have it viewable either as a pop-up (done
tasefully) or as a selectable ( and perhaps prominent ) link from
your main page.

Alternative 2: Instead of the splash, incorporate the multimedia
bits in pieces as parts of your site design, where they are
broken up and included within the site pages as discrete Flash
pieces living within HTML web page content that is readable by
the SEs. This can give you the razzle-dazzle without killing SE

Hope this helps. Regards All.

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