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Re: 3 months, 10 days and no listing
From Andrew on 23 Feb '02
replying to 3 months, 10 days and no listing posted by rocky

That little squiggly line ( ~ ) will kill you almost every time.
Many SE's give little or no relevance to free host web sites.

>I submitted to all the major engines and some obscure ones.
>Shouldn't I have a listing by now? Any theories?
>Please comment on 2 specific things:
>1. It's a long address, not a real domain; does that kill it for
>me? Is there no hope for people who don't buy a domain name for
>their site?
>2. The first 2 sentences have the word "hate" in them. Do you
>suppose there's some kind of BigBrother type of algorhythm in
>these engines that is suppressing my site based on the word

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