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Well think about this Marge
From wes on 14 Feb '99
replying to Re: Why do you care about engine placement posted by marge

I wasnt talking about links from an FFA page.I was talking about somewhat of an affiliate program from a banner.And it doesnt have to be pay-per-click.You could make it Pay-per-sale.

And I think its bad that you have to be worried about "wasting bandwidth".There are plenty of host out there that offer unlimited bandwidth.

Search engines are just about totally useless unless you know how and are willing to steal other peoples spots. You have to be willing to fight every day and spend hours every day just trying to keep your ranking.If you spent as much time with trying to get other people to link to you as you do with search engine placement i think you would be in better shape

I am in a position to meet every type of person you can imagine and have met one young man in particular who literally 'plays' with the search engines and takes other top spots with ease.

This person makes anywhere from $500 to $1000 a day or more just taking other peoples top spots. I remember one post here by someone who said "I'll put up a page and let's see if anyone can steal it" ..well, all I can tell you is don't confront this kid or you will wake up in a few days with a hell of a lot less hits to your site.

I have seen him do enough to know that I have no use for search engines whatsoever.

There are 'good people' who will tell you to be nice, play fair, put your descriptions and your keywords in your page and you will be ok. The sad thing is these are the same good folks who are so far at the bottom of the search engine listings that you would be about the
only one who has heard anything from them in the last 6 months.

In the end...unless you are really really lucky or you are willing to steal other top engines just are not worth the time you put into them.

P.S. I know there are some honest folks out there who have fair traffic from search engines based on just hard work so don't
trash me on this post :-) But you have to admit the # is horribly
small.....and I know others who have worked honestly and
hard at it with nothing to show for it at all.....'so we are back
to luck again'....maybe it wasn't your hard work that paid
off after all....maybe you just got lucky too?

Something to think about...

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