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Re: fake website hits
From Inachu on 27 Feb '02
replying to fake website hits posted by david damico

To be politically correct I would not call it fake hits as
anything that visits your site is a hit.

I guess the right terminology would be can a website accuratley
Discern the difference between a DOS attack or just a simple
reload from a web browser. So any page hits you get just be
divided in half and there is your real hits as hit #1 is the web
browser then hit #2 would be the loading of the images and going
back and forth with the foward and backward buttons (hit #3)
should be omitted as well.

So when you think of traffic like this then your hits would be
cut into thirds and onely 1/3 is the real count.

So its better to count hits by IP address than just a simple
click from browser.

Search engines can tally a rating system by how many go to your
site through them and some even rate how long you stay at their
site before returning back to the search engine. They check for
the amount of links and as of now I am going to be helping google
getting rid of spam links! YAH!

Thanks for alerting us to this - we appreciate your vigilance.
We will examine the sites in question to determine if they are
trying to mislead us. Please let us know if you see similar
search results in the future.

The Google Team

Search quality is going down since is spamming your
site with irrelevant terms in the search output.

This lowers the search term down to the actual page I was looking
for on the 7th button when it used to come up on first or second

I would highly reccomend banning from your database.
I will also contact them myself.

Thank you ever so much for such a great search engine!


>Do search engines care about how much traffic reaches your site,
>and if so how do they use that information?
>Has anyone thought of setting up a macro to continually hit your
>site and make it look like your getting traffic? Do search
>engines detect this, and if so do they frown on this activity?

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