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Re: embedded words in jpg images
From Bob Williams at SEO Projects on 22 April '02
replying to Re: embedded words in jpg images posted by DAle

The answer is NO.

JPG files are not spidered (indexed for content.)

Nor are .SWF (Flash) files.

HTML, ASP, CFM and now XML are all spidered and indexed for
relevant content.

There is no actual reviewable content for the search engine
spiders (robots) to catalog and calculate for search term
relevancy, so they do not index them, other than to gather the
filename and 'alt' attributes. The reasons (even with Flash .SWF
files) should be fairly obvious. They can't read pictures or even
vector image generated text, because the actual text is not
present in the image file, only the vector assignments that end
up spelling out the letters as the images are rendered to the
viewer in the browser.

Latest word that I received from Search Engine representatives is
that it will likely be awhile before this is possible. With newer
versions of Flash, the text content in the vector image file may
be indexable, but it is not now (and they are not really working
on providing indexing of Flash files as we speak.)

Hope this helps. Regards

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