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Re: Top Billing on search engine search
From Inachu at Inachu on 8 June '02
replying to Top Billing on search engine search posted by Bill Rubio

Hi there!

I did not read all through your html but here is what the other
reader meant by optimizing your site.

The quick and dirty of it is to use a html cruncher/cleaner.

This will reduce load time
You have too many meta tags. If you look back in teh deadlock
logs from 1997 you will see I posted with more meta tags than

I was metatag crazy but metatag can be your enemy if you dont
watch out! Gleam over other multi billion dollar websites and
see how their source code stacks up. I would advise jsut to
usekeywords description and author metatag anything else will be
considered spam.

Your bottom meta tag indicating the FL wont be used for a while yet.
Google will implement search by area pretty soon so you can keep
that in there.

Get rid of empty spaces.
Im not sure if frames are still a bad idea but in my book it is.
Use frames as tables and not separate html files.
Do any kind of search on google and see how many searches bring
up a site that has frames such as yours. Your font size is good.

Your site does not have a theme and does eeach page of yours look
like other pages? If so then your search engine ranking will go
up even more!

Also I visited does work also?

Some internet sites are setup wrong and one may work and one may not.
If only works then your isp is ripping you off. It
takes less than 4 minutes for an admin to change it so the www
will work.

I see antoehre problem.... your bottom right source html meta tag
is the same as your main frame......... so thats considered

Search engines like pages that can pull their own weight in real
descriptions then cut and paste that description into your
description meta tag .........

Keywords: the first keywords listed in a meta tag is considered
the most important and anything else ranks lower and lower.

So you know what that means... put the top 3 first in line.

Ok fix it up and report back here to deadlock and tell me how
things go! :-)

If you email me use a lot of asterisks to get my attention.

>Hi all,
> I would like some assistance in making a decision for my
>website. I left the techie side of things and now I am planning
>on making it in Real Estate. My question is this. I created a
>website and used isubmit to submit my website to many websites
>including aol, google and yahoo and more. The problem I have is
>that I do a search using my keywords and I don't find myself. I
>wanted to get an idea from you experts out there on who I should
>use to get top 5 billing on those and other websites. I am losing
>because my website is not being found. Please any names, websites
>or ideas are trully welcome.
>Please respond back via email listed below, Please excuse my
>Thank you in advance!

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