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Re: Top Billing on search engine search
From Inachu on 11 June '02
replying to Re: Top Billing on search engine search posted by Andrew

keywords are just that ..... keywords.

You have way too many keywords...

Depending on the search engine you optimize your site for.

Some search engines do not care about commas in between keywords.

Whereas other search engines require that you use "," to separate
your keywords.

Here is what I suggest you try to do. Make 3 sites of the same thing.

One month put site #1 up with your style
Second month put up site#2 style as I advise with just 3
keywords and no meta tag description.

and third month put up site #3 with no keywords or description
meta tags.

Also optimize your html it looks so messy.


>WOW Inachu. I'm totally suprised you missed this;
>(meta NAME="keywords" CONTENT="Retirement communities ,boca raton
>real estate, Boca Raton homes, Palm Beach County for sale
>Waterfront Real Estate bilingual realtors sellers Camino Gardens
>buying real estate selling Highland Beach buyers south Florida
>homes property Relocation Parkland properties houses realtor
>residential ,Boca Raton, fine homes, homes for sale, real estate,
>Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Highland Beach, Deerfield Beach,
>listings, Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, South
>FL real estate, South Florida real estate, South Florida
>BETWEEN THEM. You really think someone will search on the phrase
>"Palm Beach County for sale Waterfront Real Estate bilingual
>realtors sellers Camino Gardens buying real estate selling
>Highland Beach buyers south Florida homes property Relocation
>Parkland properties houses realtor residential", because that's
>what you've done. ALSO some of your commas have spaces after
>them, and some BEFORE them.

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