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Re: Whats the news on auto submitters?
From Hope at on 14 June '02
replying to Whats the news on auto submitters? posted by Inachu

Google had never liked auto submitters. They don't even like
programs that do auto searches to see where you rank.

Submitting google from their submit page does nothing. If you
want into google, the best way to get in is ODP. Once you are in
ODP, keep an eye out for googlebot. Googlebot will be around at
least once a month once you are listed.

>I read a few months ago that google is stopping the ability to
>use third party programs to submit like submit wolf and web
>position gold.
>Also on the website(forgot where I read it.) it bans those that
>do submit more than once a month?
>Correct me if I am wrong.

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