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Re: Whats the news on auto submitters?
From Alan at Pacific Websites at on 18 June '02
replying to Re: Whats the news on auto submitters? posted by Hope

Right. I had a personal experience with using WebPosition to do
the autosearches. Google stopped allowing it for a day from my

Just after the 3 month trial period was up, so I am stuck with
WebPosition Gold.

What really counts, is of course, content content content. (where
have you heard this before?)

>Google had never liked auto submitters. They don't even like
>programs that do auto searches to see where you rank.

>Submitting google from their submit page does nothing. If you
>want into google, the best way to get in is ODP. Once you are in
>ODP, keep an eye out for googlebot. Googlebot will be around at
>least once a month once you are listed.
>>I read a few months ago that google is stopping the ability to
>>use third party programs to submit like submit wolf and web
>>position gold.
>>Also on the website(forgot where I read it.) it bans those that
>>do submit more than once a month?
>>Correct me if I am wrong.

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