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From Kelly on 20 August '02
replying to Re: CGI posted by Nicholas

>>Im trying to inform myself so as to create a website. Hoping this
>>makes sense. It appears that CGI is not a good thing. Is this
>>what I would have/end up with by choosing Earthlinks Click-N-
>There is nothing wrong with CGI per se. On the contrary, using
>CGI puts the processing burden on the server -- where it belongs,
>IMO -- instead of trying to use JavaScript and other "client-
>side" code to shift the processing burden to the visitor.
>OTOH -- while I know nothing of Earthlink's "Click-N-Build" --
>each and every "build it in minutes" tool I've ever seen was an
>absolute disaster, resulting in buggy sites and pathetic search
>engine rankings.

Thank you for the response/info

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