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Re: Comment tags
From Inachu at Help Desk on 9 Sept '02
replying to Comment tags posted by John

Hi there,

Hope might be correct but eth best way to find out is to have one

with comments and one page without then after 3 week check the
rankings on both and this should then answer your question.

The old rule was Infoseek did not like comments and would treat it
as an(EOF(end of file) and would not read any further but that
may or may not have changed. I dont use it anymore and just stick
with Google since everything is googled now....

Good luck!


>Hey there all.
>Okay. I may be outta touch on this one...
>Comment tags were a good way to slip extra keywords in...
>Then, due to abuse, they were penalized as spam.
>Are they still considered SPAM now or are they legit?
>Many thanks.

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