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Re: Comment tags
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 9 Sept '02
replying to Re: Comment tags posted by Inachu


Infoseek is no longer a search engine. It was purchased by ABC
(Disney) back in 1999 I think. It went out of business in 2000
or 2001.

Google does not read comment tags as they are meant for webmaster
notes, not for optimization.

>Hi there,
>Hope might be correct but eth best way to find out is to have one
>with comments and one page without then after 3 week check the
>rankings on both and this should then answer your question.
>The old rule was Infoseek did not like comments and would treat it
>as an(EOF(end of file) and would not read any further but that
>may or may not have changed. I dont use it anymore and just stick
>with Google since everything is googled now....
>Good luck!
>>Hey there all.
>>Okay. I may be outta touch on this one...
>>Comment tags were a good way to slip extra keywords in...
>>Then, due to abuse, they were penalized as spam.
>>Are they still considered SPAM now or are they legit?
>>Many thanks.

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