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Re: Challenge with Meta tags / pay per clicks with google
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 13 Sept '02
replying to Re: Challenge with Meta tags / pay per clicks with google posted by Jeannie

>1. what are FFA links?

FFA = Free For All. These are links pages. If you use software
or services that offer 100,000 search engines submissions, these
are FFA pages mostly. They are useless and only bring you spam
and trouble. Stay away.

>2. what are inbound links?

Inbound links are links coming from another site to your site.
If I was to link to you from my site, that would be an inbound
link. A link from your site to another site is called an
outbound link. Outbound links are important to have, but they do
not matter a whole lot in ranking.

>3. what is ODP? it says yahoo & ODP

ODP = Open Directoy Project ( It is a
directory used by Google and many, many other sites. A listing
in this is a wonderful thing. It will not get you top rankings
anywhere, but it does count as a great inbound link. It will
also get you listed in many search engines.

I hope this answers your questions. If not, please feel free to
email me (

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