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more about doorway pages
From Marge on 15 Feb '99
picking up on a conversation buried deep on this list... I had finally perceived that doorway pages that have no links TO them, but only links to other pages on the site won't be indexed.

and some nice person wrote the following:

Well, this is the current therory anyway. By using a "_" or a "." it's somewhat invisible to
visitors. i use the "_" along with other regular blue lines in hide if even more.

and I'm confused. We don't want to create links TO an empty content, a page that simply goes no where except back to the main

am wondering if, since I'm told many of the SE spiders DO read
comment tags, if including links to the doorway page in a comment tag
just might be the way to get "invisible" links to it.


on 'content pages'... put the normal 'bottom of the page' know, to the index, to the next section, etc. and then about 100 <br>'s and the link to the doorway page at the bottom.

seems to me most visitors are not going to page down that many times when the 'where they really want to go' arrows are already there for them.

Is that a viable option, or is there something wrong with my thinking?
(not unusual, lotsa folks think there's something wrong with my thinking! ;-)

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