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Re: Spiders, Frames and Google
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 26 Sept '02
replying to Spiders, Frames and Google posted by Patrick

Why not host with your domain name? There are many domains out
there that are not expensive.

Currently you are confusing your visitors with two different
domains. This can cause you to lose sales.

The only suggestion I can offer is to talk to the host that is
doing the redirect. Tell them that you are concerned about the
way the redirect is working. Express to them that they are
causing your company to have listing problems and would like to
know what they can do to resolve the problem.

>Hi - My website which is new appears in Google with an error
>about the browser not supporting frames. My site doesn't have any
>frames in it. However, the domain
> redirects to my site which is
> Netmechanic seems to show that the
>latter is treated as a frame by the former.
>I presume that the spider acting for google is having trouble
>getting to the content of my site - any ideas what I can do to
>overcome this? I don't think that I have access to any code
>behind the main domain name.
>Alta Vista seems to work OK.

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