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Re: Challenge with Meta tags / pay per clicks with google
From Jeff on 30 Sept '02
replying to Challenge with Meta tags / pay per clicks with google posted by Jeannie

Not just on google but also on other search engines I have setup
a user that since 1997 has been setting up their links on other
websites cutting deals and so forth.

So since he has been posting his url on other websites(well over
500 sites) He now has the top rankings for his keywords without
really trying. So I would really say that you could have
partnerships with other sites that you could makes deals with and
promote each other thus making your internet presence felt rather
than tricking search engines with just keywords and meta tags.

So lets say for your case if you get your site hosted on other
websites lets say... 5- 10 per day which is not really hard to do
and if you were serious you could do up to 50-100 perday then
after 4 months you will be top dog for whatever keywords you are
shooting for.


>Dear All,
>I have a challenge ahead of me. I was just informed by my parent
>company that I am not allowed to use "pay per clicks" or use
>certain key words in my metatags on my website. I would like to
>find out if there is another way to get ranked higher without the
>use of these words or techniques. Can I design a website that
>contain a lot of the keywords that I want people to find me with
>and still get ranked high just by content and repetiton of the
>word? What about links? Do they still help get ranked in search
>engines? Any help is appreciated. Is the content on the first
>page still very important? Is there anyway to hide metatags?
>Would more pages with more content help? Thanks!

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