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Re: How to submit URLs to search engines
From KenMac at Painted Paradise Gallery on 1 Oct '02
replying to How to submit URLs to search engines posted by Dr Barbara Walks

>I don't have an URL online, yet, though it is
> which is a trial site for
>the website I'm developing. I hope you will answer my question
>by e-mail:
>My question is this: You wrote of submitting an URL to search
>engines. How does one do this? Do they have an application and
>an address? I thought the META tag was enough.
>Please enlighten me. I have a good .com idea and am working on
>the advertising part of my Business Plan. I'm a brash newbie, so
>pardon my ignorance.
>Would Web Position Gold do the submissions? If I didn't buy it,
>what are the adresses...?

I am also a newbie, but I have been able to submit my website to
search engines. Some of the engines charge you to include your
site on their engines. There are many places that have FREE
search engine submission programs on their site. The best I have
found so far is although I have just
discovered this website here. Maybe they have a way to do that
too. Be careful in the paid submission sites like google,
altavista, etc. You must be very sure that your site is "search
engine friendly" None of them guarantee your listing other than
in their "indexes". It's a very confusing game of trying to
figure out the angle of how to get good rankings since most
people will not even go past the third page of listings (top 30
sites)to find what they are looking for. Good luck!

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