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Re: search engine friendly?
From KenMac at on 1 Oct '02
replying to search engine friendly? posted by Ken

>Being a novice at this; I
>noticed that my design program (Sierra Web Studio)automatically
>lists the file name afetr the "/" in my address instead of
>"index.html" So then; Take for instance my address:
> . I had to use a java script forwarding
>command so that I could keep my address shorter (because Alta
>Vista doesn't allow and html forwarding command) So my long
>address is
>........ Whew! Now; my question is; "Should I name the website
>file "index.html", and then title my opening page "Page_1" or
>something like that? This would really make my day if I could
>lose the file name path as my forwarding page doesn't contain any
>text; thus lousy search engine rankings. Thanks guys!

Woops; the link didn't work. Try this one
If you should see something in my "source" code that doesn't look
right; please let me know as I'm about to pull all my hair out
trying to figure out AltaVista's rankings.

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