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Re: search engine friendly?
From KenMac at Painted Paradise Gallery on 2 Oct '02
replying to Re: search engine friendly? posted by Hope

>Why in the world are you forwarding to a subdirectory? It
>doesn't make sense to me. You should name your first page
>index.html or default.html. These are standard titles that are
>accepted by browsers and servers. Each additional page should be
>named something relative for you to understand such as a keyword
>or phrase.
>Don't worry about AltaVista. It is a has been engine. You need
>to focus on Google. You will get 5-10 times the traffic from
>Feel free to contact me with specific questions:

Thanks Hope
I was wondering if I named my local site folder "public_html";
and uploaded it to the public_html directory; might that clear it
up? (That way; the "index" page will be recognized, and maybe the
folder "public_html" would not be a part of the path?) I dunno;
could it work? Sorry I'm so ignorant of the basics. I'm an
artist; not a website designer (well; maybe I am after all):{)

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