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frames? ratings? keywords? Site Submission? Help!!!
From Christine Slocomb at Norvel & Henderson Studio & Supply House on 29 Oct '02
Comment tags, headers, keywords, description, head
is spinning! Please help alleviate, hopefully, my fears.

1. Was my site created with frames?,How
can I tell?
2. Does the header for each page have to match the header at the
top of the page it references? All my headers carry my company
name which is long and doesn't have a meaningful keyword in it.
This is the part that shows up in the search list underlined,

3. What are comment tags?
4. Does being linked on alot of sites improve ratings.
5. Any worthwhile site submission services?
6.And last but not least, how long does it take to start getting
traffic to ones site....on average?

Thanks so much for any answers and insight! Christine

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