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Re: frames? ratings? keywords? Site Submission? Help!!!
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 30 Oct '02
replying to frames? ratings? keywords? Site Submission? Help!!! posted by Christine Slocomb

>1. Was my site created with frames?,How
>can I tell?

No your site is not frames.

>2. Does the header for each page have to match the header at the
>top of the page it references? All my headers carry my company
>name which is long and doesn't have a meaningful keyword in it.
>This is the part that shows up in the search list underlined,
I am not sure what you mean by this.

>3. What are comment tags?
Comment tags are meant for webmasters to leave notes for
themselves. They do not work for search engine rankings.

>4. Does being linked on alot of sites improve ratings.
No, having sites link to you is where the benefits are.

>5. Any worthwhile site submission services?
Submiting by hand takes about 30 minutes and simple to do.

>6.And last but not least, how long does it take to start getting
>traffic to ones site....on average?
It takes 2-6 months before you start seeing traffic. Then it can
take up to 2 years before you see a lot of steady traffic and

If you need some more help, just ask. You can reach me at ICQ:
487465 or email:

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