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Re: frames? ratings? keywords? Site Submission? Help!!!
From Kelly on 5 Nov '02
replying to frames? ratings? keywords? Site Submission? Help!!! posted by Christine Slocomb

You site is in serious need of optimization... I would not
expect good placement if it was submitted to a search engine /
directory the way it sits. Each page should be optimized for a
specific keyword phrase. With a few minor rewrites, you could
probably get what you are looking for.

First, I would make a list of keyword phrases - words that you
think that people might use to find your services / product line.
Then I would use those words in a search engine like google, and
see what shows up. Then I would look at the listings, and read
and study the titles, descriptions and wording on the physical
page. From those, I would create titles for each and every page
on your site.

Then I would make sure that I included those keyword phrases in
the page description and in the body of the text on the page.
Try to target one keyword phrase per page. After you have done
some homework, and if you still need help send me an e-mail. I
am not a SEO, but I have had good luck with placement for others
that I have helped.


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