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Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista
From Max on 9 Dec '98
replying to Re: PLEASE help me sort out AltaVista posted by Brian Clifton

>No, not at all. I never said AV was obsolete (did I??)
>But with the wave of wysiwyg editors (FrontPage, Dreamweaver) this
>could be a serious problem.

It's a problem that the programmers of such software will have to
fix, and it's not something they haven't been warned about by SGML/HTML

> I would prefer to handcode html, but we simply can not compete
>with our competitors on costs due to the time required for this.
What's to "handcode"? You just use an HTML editor that doesn't
force you to use FONT (no FrontPage, I think you can use DreamWeaver)
and instruct your writers to use structural tags and not muck up the
page with FONT tags. If they don't comprehend "structure", find some
that do. It's better than wasting all this time trying to figure out why
the SEs don't like your site

>I go back to my original post - the #1 listed site on AV just doesn't
>make sense to me.
Doesn't make much sense to me either, but the #2 listing also is a
bit sparse. They are all a pretty bad lot, relevance-wise.

If you were to create a single, solidly structured page with a
good intro, proper headings, etc., you could easily outrank any
of the competitors. Wouldn't that be easier than this incessant
creating of "doorway" pages?

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