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PHP extensions
From Manos Constante on 7 Nov '02
Hi to all!
I have started programming in php for the last few weeks and now
I found this about the indexing of the web pages. From what I
understood so far about the indexing, the best practise is
applying to search engines for only static HTML pages.

Thus I ask:
1) if I only use straight .php extensions without any "?" in the
URL will that be fine for the search engine indexing?

I read in some other posts in this site that it is OK. Is this true?
2) is there any other server side language that acts
transparently without altering the .HTML extension? For a moment
I thought about Perl, but then again I found that they need to
give an .shtml extension for the script to run.

Please answer my question, as it is of crucial importance to me.
Thanks beforehand for the interest,

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