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Re: PHP extensions
From Kellen on 14 Nov '02
replying to PHP extensions posted by Manos Constante

>Hi to all!
>I have started programming in php for the last few weeks and now
>I found this about the indexing of the web pages. From what I
>understood so far about the indexing, the best practise is
>applying to search engines for only static HTML pages.
>Thus I ask:
>1) if I only use straight .php extensions without any "?" in the
>URL will that be fine for the search engine indexing?
>I read in some other posts in this site that it is OK. Is this true?
>2) is there any other server side language that acts
>transparently without altering the .HTML extension? For a moment
>I thought about Perl, but then again I found that they need to
>give an .shtml extension for the script to run.
>Please answer my question, as it is of crucial importance to me.
>Thanks beforehand for the interest,

I have this very same question, I was just about to post it, but
it looks as if you've beat me to it. I would certainly
appreciate an answer to that as well. Thanks

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