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Re: Helping a friend
From Hope at SEO Analysis on 16 Jan '03
replying to Helping a friend posted by Inachu

You can try to ask the search engines if you are banned, but they
will most likely not answer you.

Is the site on a dedicated IP address?
Is this a new domain?
How long have you been trying to promote it?

These are the basic qustions you need to ask. I am assuming you
have already gotten the answers to them.

Can the site get into ODP or Yahoo? If you can't get the site
index with them, I would suggest you contact the editors about
this. They will be able to give you some answers. Once you have
the answers from them, you have a place to start looking.

If you are already in the directories and the problem is the
spidering engines, you should look at the links on the site.
Both inbound and outbound. You might also want to look at your
robots.txt and you meta robots tags. There could be an error in

If you would like a second person to take a look at the site
(confidentially of course) I would be happy to do that. Another
set of eyes may pick up something you haven't.

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