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Re: hyphen or underscore to seperate keywords in url's?
From Inachu at on 26 Jan '03
replying to hyphen or underscore to seperate keywords in url's? posted by peter rotgers

Underscore was traditionally used as most older system like
windows 3.1 could not open files with spaces in them.

Parsing is the ability of a program to read filenames and the
file itself to shift through and find data based on the query

Most modern search engine like google should be able to interpret a:
- or a _ but to be on the safe side I'd stay with the
traditional underscore.

The only website I know of that came up on search results that
used hyphens was a now defunct site called, "www.because-we-"

It never got high ratings except by word of mouth then after it
appeared in many articles then it was high up in the rankings.

Good Luck


>I am setting up a number of doorway pages and want to use
>important keyword strings in the URL.
>What is better for the search engines: to seperate the keywords
>by a hyphen, or to seperate the keywords by underscores?
>For example:
>If "free chat rooms" is an important keyword STRING and I want to
>use this in the URL of a doorway page, must I use:
>............/free-chat-rooms.htm or
>Thanks for any comments.
>Peter Rotgers

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