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Re: Major search engines require a fee now?
From Jason at GlobalPromoter on 4 Feb '03
replying to Re: Major search engines require a fee now? posted by Hope

The response concerning Overture is not correct. You can get
on the Overture network of search engines without paying a ppc
charge. I consistenly get my customers on there every day.

Also, on Yahoo you don't have to pay to be in the web page
listing. You DO need to pay in order to be in the directory
listing however. I've found the directory to be a complete
waste of money now though. It's too big and bulky and user's
don't waste time going into it anymore. They just enter their
search on the homepage.

Just wanted to clarify that.

Best Regards,

>>Does that mean if you pay, they will list you quickly;
>>if you don't pay, they will list you if their spiders find you?
>Yes and no. Each search engine has their own rules on it.
>Yahoo - You have to pay to play if you are a business site. You
>don't pay, you don't get in the directory.
>AllTheWeb (Fast) - Paying will get you 48 hour spidering. If you
>don't pay, they will still find you eventually. Look hard enough
>on their site, and you will find a free submit anyway.
>Inktomi - Paying will get you 48 hour spidering. Not paying and
>they will eventually find you.
>AltaVista - Paying gets you in faster, not paying and they will
>find you.
>LookSmart - You have not choice but to pay. This is a pay per
>click search engine now.
>Overture - Pay per click engine. You pay or you are not listed.
>I hope this answers your questions.

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