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Re: PHP extensions
From Chris Sharkey at Ozstays on 7 Feb '03
replying to PHP extensions posted by Manos Constante

Dear Manos,

I have come up with a solution which I am about to implement for
my web site ozstays. My entire site is dynamic and this trying to
get individual parts of it listed well on search engines is not
easy (although google seems to have listed a lot of it anyway).

The solution I have come up with is to 'cache' my output. In
that, the code I am working on at the moment will output an
entire HTML site and directory structure which will be updated
only when changes are made to certain parts of it.

In this way a search engine coming to my site will just see a
plain HTML web site while really the content is dynamic since it
is being updated behind the scenes whenever changes are

This also is FASTER for clients since there is no server-side
processing on each request. The only part of my site that I won't
cache is the search results since this is a very subjective thing
and needs to be processed each time.

If you are new to PHP this might be a little advanced, but I will
be happy to share my caching code when I'm finished.

Chris Sharkey

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