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Re: Same IP address, bad for promotion?
From Inachu on 7 Feb '03
replying to Same IP address, bad for promotion? posted by Chris Sharkey

With what we know historically is that you could host hundreds of
webpages on the same ip address. But around the time before
infoseek was bought out they wised up and found some were
spamming the index with this method.

Just as long as you research your keywords/methods and you dont
spam having repetitive keywords in the same order same

and same over all theme then it should not be considered spam.

If its more than 5 webpages you are hosting then I would get
another IP.

(I put in my resume to work at google.)
I hope I get it!


>I will soon be running multiple web sites all on the same subject
>(accommodation), these will be very related in content and will
>overlap on they keywords that they target. I have my own web
>server and all my web sites run using vhosts on the same IP
>1/ Will my sites be penalised because they are all on the same IP
>2/ Does linking between my different sites have less effect
>because they are on the same IP address
>3/ Is it worth getting other IP addresses for the major doorway sites?

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