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Re: Why will my pages not get picked?
From Inachu at Help Desk on 8 March '03
replying to Why will my pages not get picked? posted by Luke Ashworth

A page called:

Seems a bit too dynamic for google to handle and google tends to
visit website url that only people would type in. For example...$$

This dynamic page building needs to be translated so it can be
transparent to the end user. Some web admins have their server
setup so that when a person types in it will be
redirect to

Whereas your: seems to be more
static in nature and edited by hand. Further more ingeneral its
a bad idea to rely on have sites googled ending with a question

>I have been optimising for some time, approx 2 years, and while I
>believe I am fairly experienced this latest prodlem is baffling
>Please check the home page in my profile. My product pages off
>the home page get picked up, my competition pages and pc pages
>get picked up, but my directory pages (the way to find most of
>the pages on my site) do not get picked up.
>I have tried using Sim Spider and other spiders, and everything
>seems fine with it - I just can't work out what is going on.
>Google just seems to blank my directory pages.
>What is wrong with a page called:
>When is is quite happy to pick up this page:
>Help me people, you're my only hope!

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